Don't just live, be alive

Featuring real moon photography. Celebrate our only permanent natural satellite, like we know you want to. We can't guarantee the T-Shirt will last you 4.6 billion years but we can try.


* Unisex - great fit on both men and women
* Materials & ink completely vegan
* Thick, comfortable 100% cotton

* Biodegradable, water-based organic inks meeting the strictest industry standards.


A comfortable everyday t-shirt for both men and women.


We believe mountains and the outdoors are pivotal to our mental health. We are two keen hikers who wanted to reflect the beauty of the outdoors in our clothing, and we hope you love it too! :)

Moon Phase T-Shirt


The label on the inside of the garments are for a blank garment. Now they’re printed, wash your clothing at 40 degrees or less. Iron on reverse (cool). Do not tumble-dry. 

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