Are all your products really vegan and organic?

Yep! Our printer only uses products and ink that are 100% vegan, toxic free and non-hazardous. 

What do the T-Shirts feel like?

We don't like the thin, see-through products a lot of companies sell so we spent a lot of time finding the perfect quality product. All of our t-shirts are thick and opaque, perfect for wearing by themselves or layering on colder days.

Why do some of your hoodies and activewear tops contain Polyester?

Sustainability is important to us. We're 2 vegans who try to limit our impact all throughout our lifestyles. All of our T-Shirts are 100% cotton, and we're always looking into more sustainable options for hoodies (80% cotton/20% polyester) and activewear (100% polyester). There are activewear options on the market such as bamboo, but right now our focus is helping a larger number of people wear clothes with no animal products and toxins in the ink, rather than using expensive materials that would limit the market and put people off making a change. Our clothes are affordable, and polyester helps clothing last longer, meaning less waste.

How long does delivery take?

We will dispatch your products in 7 working days, and then it takes a couple of days to arrive to you via Royal Mail. We don't keep much stock, so every product is freshly printed for you. This is why it takes slightly longer, but we think it's worth it!

Are you carbon neutral?

Our print supplier is completely carbon neutral and offsets any emissions they can't reduce, reuse or recycle. 

Is your packaging recyclable?

All of our packaging is both recycled and fully recyclable. We hope you like the way we've wrapped it up!

Can I send the product back if I have a problem or don't like it?

Yep, see our Returns page for more info.

How long can I expect the print to last?

We only sell products that we wear ourselves. We can personally attest that none of the prints on our clothing has faded, rubbed off or damaged, even while hiking, and our printing company offer a lifetime guarantee. That being said, it's recommended to wash at no more than 40 degrees and not to iron on the front or tumble dry, just to make sure.

Will the product look exactly like it does online?

While we pack out the website with real-life models, we've used some mockups to help you see the designs. That might mean the colours and fit aren't exactly as you see in the pictures, but we've got as close as we can and we're sure you'll be happy. If not, let us know! If you need an exact idea, let us know and we can send photos of the actual products while the website is a work in progress. 

Do your products really fit well on both men and women?

We are a small-ish man and a size 10-12 woman and we both share a small in all our products. They fit and look great on both of us!

Can I have my product in other colours?

There's a huge range of colours available. To keep things simple, we've selected the ones we love and work with the designs - but just start a chat with us if you want something else.