About Us

Don't just live,

be alive

Our clothing and gifts are for every day use for people that love the outdoors and travel. Whether that's dreaming of a mountain, a walk in the park, a kayak on a river just or a love of nature or cities, we're with you.

The Mountains are calling Man charcoal c

"Spending time in the outdoors and regular exercise can reduce the risk of depression by 30%"

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Hi! We're Kat and Shaun

We're the team behind Here on Earth. We started looking for adventure inspired clothing to wear every day and were coming up short. Being designers, we knocked up a couple of t-shirts ourselves and started wearing them - and got compliments! Since then, our idea has blossomed and now we're proud to be able to offer them to everyone. We hope you like our designs, if you have any ideas or requests pop us a message!

It's us! In a cave somewhere in the Peak District

A love of the outdoors

The outdoors is accessible to almost everyone in some degree. There is so much beauty and so much to love, and we wanted to represent this in our clothing. We don't want this to be a big, faceless brand - we're just two people who wanted to share our passion. We've both grown up spending a lot of time outside, whether that was playing, walks in the park, and then hiking as we got older (ignoring the awkward "I'm not going out" teenage years!)


The stunning Langdale Valley near Ambleside

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Plant-based Living

We're both vegans. We're not just selling to vegans though - quite the opposite. It's the small changes that make a difference. One less fast-fashion item of clothing is one less in land-fill, ignoring the vast amounts of water, labour and resources gone into making them. We're not claiming to be perfect, both in Here on Earth or in our normal lives, but we're trying. 

Shaun's AMAZING vegan caramel shortbread